New pharmacy reform plan full of wholesalers’ talking points

06.12.2019, 12:15

“I’m very disappointed and sad,” pharmacist Liina Pääru says. “I have lived in knowing and hoping that the transitional period will end and I will be able to buy a pharmacy or pharmacies. Now I’m thinking about going into something else...

Court decides to release traitor Herman Simm from jail

06.12.2019, 10:20

The Tartu County Court decided on Thursday to release convicted traitor Herman Simm on parole before serving his full term in jail.

Aeg to 43 judges: concentrate, do not be emotional

05.12.2019, 11:34

Minister of Justice Raivo Aeg finds that 43 judges’ concerns over whether the minister’s supervision proceedings are leading Estonia down the path chosen by Poland and Hungary is unfounded and judges have not taken the time to analyze the heart of the...

National Audit Office: the completion of the Rail Baltic project by the deadline is not realistic

05.12.2019, 11:12

The audit of the National Audit Office of Estonia indicated that in the case of the Rail Baltic railway project delays have occurred and the forecasts of some activities have increased, including in the section for which Estonia is responsible.

Estonian students best in Europe

04.12.2019, 11:37

The results of the PISA 2018 tests reveal that 15-year-old Estonian students are on top in Europe and second only to students from wealthy Chinese provinces. And while teachers grading the high school Estonian language examination have said how the level of...

Investors subscribe to 71 percent of maximum Coop Pank IPO volume

03.12.2019, 1:22

During the initial public offering (IPO) of Coop Pank, some 11,000 investors subscribed to almost 33 million of the bank’s shares and as a result of the subscription, 71 percent of the original maximum planned IPO volume of 46 million shares was achieved. 

Aller: Subsidy schemes not widespread

03.12.2019, 1:19

Incoming Minister of Rural Affairs Arvo Aller told the “Otse Postimehest” program yesterday that the Agricultural Registers and Information Board (PRIA) is generally successful in managing support and recent unfortunate incidents could rather be described...

EKRE's candidate for rural affairs minister says trusts PRIA

02.12.2019, 2:13

The candidate of the Conservative People's Party (EKRE) for the post of minister of rural affairs Arvo Aller said that he trusts the Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (PRIA) and that he hopes that next year’s state budget will be...

Javeus: We depend on America and Germany

02.12.2019, 12:53

The Estonian economy and that of the other Baltic and Nordic countries depends primarily on what is happening in the United States and Germany, John Javeus, chief strategist for SEB Group, says in an interview.

Järvik put pressure on PRIA in the interests of three businesses

28.11.2019, 11:46

The missing piece of the Ministry of Rural Affairs’ scandal is an August meeting where Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) members Mart Järvik and his adviser Maido Pajo tried to pressure the Agricultural Registers and Information Board (PRIA) to dial back...

Zelensky receives warm welcome in Tallinn

27.11.2019, 11:43

If Volodymyr Zelensky’s character in the Ukrainian comedy series “Servant of the People” Vassyl Goloborodko loved to bike to work, Zelensky has been favoring a car and a police escort since being elected president of Ukraine in May.

Four-lane highways plan given time frame

27.11.2019, 11:39

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has finished its new road maintenance plan that sheds light on the government’s political priorities for roadbuilding, including reconstructing Estonia’s three main highways to have four lanes.

Lemetti case to become test of rule of law

26.11.2019, 11:21

Reporting corruption cost Secretary General of the Ministry of Rural Affairs Illar Lemetti his job yesterday. Neither PM Jüri Ratas nor President Kersti Kaljulaid had any criticism for Lemetti, with the president issuing a public apology in the name of...

Ousting of third EKRE minister costs public servant position

26.11.2019, 11:16

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Center Party) released from office Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Järvik but granted him a final wish in also dismissing the ministry’s secretary general Illar Lemetti yesterday. Unlike the PM, leading members of Järvik’s...

E-residency creator: It is Estonia’s soft power

25.11.2019, 12:21

December will mark the passing of five years from when Siim Sikkut, Taavi Kotka and Ruth Annus started e-residency. It has become one of Estonia’s primary calling cards by now. People who might have never come here otherwise have created over 10,000...

Govt proposes to release Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Jarvik from office

25.11.2019, 11:08

Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas said on Monday that he and leaders of coalition partners Isamaa and the Estonian Conservative People's Party (EKRE) made a consensual proposal to release Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Jarvik from office.

Report: Järvik lied and went beyond commission

22.11.2019, 12:15

Mart Järvik (EKRE) has lied to the public and gone beyond his commission. Those are the two main conclusions of State Secretary Taimar Peterkop’s investigation into scandals revolving around Estonia’s rural affairs minister. Prime Minister Jüri Ratas has...

Helme has other ministers cleaning up his mess

21.11.2019, 11:10

We are also working on a so-called plan B, Minister of the Interior Mart Helme (EKRE) told Finnish journalists. Despite subsequent attempts to claim journalists misunderstood, explanations by reporters and recordings of the interview clearly show that Helme...

Oligarch and 860 million dollars – Swedbank’s risky secret

20.11.2019, 2:20

Swedbank Estonia catered to Russian oligarch and former minister Mikhail Abyzov for years. Over a relatively short period of time, Abyzov brought to the bank 70 offshore accounts with ties to the oligarch that received a total of $860 million.

Coalition takes reins in holding Helme accountable

19.11.2019, 2:30

The Social Democrat Party (SDE) has failed to find support for its idea of putting together a special investigative committee to look into Minister of the Interior Mart Helme’s (EKRE) accusations of the prosecution being biased. Instead, the coalition is...

People split over effects of Chinese investments

19.11.2019, 2:25

Talking about Chinese investments and Estonia, the possibility of China helping finance the construction of the Tallinn-Helsinki undersea tunnel has been paid the most attention. Use of Huawei equipment in 5G networks has also raised pulses lately.

Account behind Kallas threat exclusively pro-EKRE

18.11.2019, 12:11

The previous week’s political whirlwind saw Reform Party chairman Kaja Kallas receive a garish threat on Facebook that suggested several dozen ex-convicts would rape Kallas in her back yard. Postimees determined over the weekend that the threat was made from...

Coalition thwarts Järvik no-confidence vote

15.11.2019, 12:35

Estonia’s ruling coalition that has postponed solving the government crisis for the time being turned the opposition’s no-confidence vote against Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Järvik (EKRE) into a demonstration of unity yesterday.

Ruling not end of Alaver case

15.11.2019, 12:32

Legendary cross-country ski coach Mati Alaver, who has trained some of Estonia’s most successful athletes, was handed a suspended sentence of one year yesterday. Alaver became the second person in Estonia to be punished for inducing people to use doping.

Järvik committee has no right to demand answers

14.11.2019, 12:34

The state secretary’s task to get to the bottom of Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Järvik’s (EKRE) scandals inside ten days buys members of the government time and gives PM Jüri Ratas the chance to avoid giving meaningful answers regarding Järvik’s...

European Commission looking at TalTech

13.11.2019, 3:45

The Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) sent out a press release on Friday evening, saying that it has closed its investigation into the Nurkse scandal. The statement left out quite a few important details.

Järvik’s secret: PRIA scandal sides old acquaintances

13.11.2019, 2:42

Sides to a scandal that has brought Estonia’s ruling coalition to the verge of a crisis, Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Järvik, his former adviser Urmas Arumäe and farmer Rein Soosaar who is in the middle of a legal dispute with the Agricultural Registers...

Ratas to continue as PM in EKRE government

12.11.2019, 11:08

The scandal surrounding Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Järvik turned into a government crisis yesterday when the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) laid down an ultimatum that would see it leave the government should Järvik be forced to resign.

Americans would construct a nuclear plant in Estonia

11.11.2019, 10:43

Vice president of nuclear projects for U.S. energy giant GE Hitachi Jon Ball says that the company could construct a small modular reactor in Estonia that would cost a little under one billion euros and could compete with natural gas and renewable energy in...

Estonian rural affairs minister says didn't know of adviser's possible interest conflict

08.11.2019, 7:37

Estonian Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Jarvik told journalists on Friday evening that he had no idea about his adviser Urmas Arumae's potential conflict of interests.

Järvik was aware of Arumäe’s conflict of interest already in September

08.11.2019, 11:33

The prosecutor’s office has launched an inquiry whether Urmas Arumäe, who became the legal advisor of Minister of Rural Affairs Mart Järvik (EKRE) this spring, has been breaking the law by figuratively sitting on two chairs at the same time.

Reinsalu assures: Estonian-US 5G declaration is not directed against Huawei

07.11.2019, 1:06

China is an important country for Estonia and the USA is our ally, while the recent joint statement between Estonia and USA regarding the security of 5G is not directed against any specific technology enterprise, Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu told...

Winning designs of Rail Baltic's Ulemiste terminal competition determined

06.11.2019, 2:02

First place in the competition for the architectural design of the joint terminal of the Rail Baltic railway at Ulemiste in Tallinn was won by the joint design of Zaha Hadid Architects and Esplan, titled Light Stream, while Rail Baltic Estonia is to launch...

Tallinn city govt okays alcohol sale restrictions

06.11.2019, 1:55

The Tallinn city government on Wednesday approved restrictions on the sale of alcohol at entertainment facilities to take effect from June 1, 2020, with exceptions granted to accommodation facilities and casinos.

Estonia’s largest parties have serious money troubles

05.11.2019, 2:59

The Center and Reform parties owe hundreds of thousands of euros to campaign organizers following the Riigikogu and European parliament elections. The same predicament with the largest parties is shared by the Social Democrats, who have to deal with a half a...

Training flight over Tallinn becomes survival exercise

04.11.2019, 4:07

An Airbus A320 airliner of the Smartlynx airline made emergency landing in Tallinn Airport last February. The medium-size jet received such damage on the impact that it was declared unfit for further service. Now, a year and a half later, the experts of the...

Mary Kross to be spared going to court

01.11.2019, 11:54

The Harju County Court has satisfied an application by the North District Prosecutor’s Office to terminate the criminal case of Mary Kross, wife of MP Eerik-Niiles Kross, because even though it has been shown that she lied, the court and the prosecution find...

Ensuring communication, electricity is vital in crisis situations

31.10.2019, 10:19

Estonian Interior Minister Mart Helme met with members of the crisis committee and the Rescue Board in Võru on Wednesday to discuss the causes of the crisis situation that developed due to a heavy storm that struck South Estonia over the weekend as well as...

Kaspar Korjus selected Outstanding Young Person by JCI

31.10.2019, 10:17

The Junior Chamber International (JCI), an international non-profit organization of young people, has selected Estonian Kaspar Korjus as one of the honorees in its Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World program (JCI TOYP), the title will be bestowed on...

Estonian FinMin puts pension reform bill on approvals round

30.10.2019, 4:19

A set of legislative amendments aimed at making voluntary the system of mandatory contributions by working-age people into a pension fund, dubbed as second pillar of the pension system, on Wednesday exited the Ministry of Finance for an interministerial round...

British tanks making their way to Estonia in spite of logistical hurdles

30.10.2019, 11:52

Tapa military campus, late Monday morning. A clean-shaven young Englishman pops his head out of the tank. The machine’s turret and main gun are facing rearward. A fellow soldier, wearing a safety helmet and a high visibility jacket, signals that it is safe...

EKRE deputy chair attends far-right conference in London

29.10.2019, 1:43

Estonian Minister of Finance Martin Helme from the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE), the junior member of the government coalition, on his way to Estonia from an official visit to the United States, stopped over at a far-right conference in London, where...

Estonia to pick side in 5G dispute

29.10.2019, 1:38

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas is set to sign a document in Washington this week that will all but rule out the use of Huawei equipment in Estonia’s next generation 5G network.

Storm disrupts vital services in south of country

29.10.2019, 1:38

The National Audit Office warned as recently as in August that state institutions are not prepared for emergency situations. More than one vital service was unexpectedly hit over this weekend.

Tanak, Jarveoja win 1st ever WRC title for Estonia

27.10.2019, 4:58

Estonian pilot Ott Tanak and co-pilot Martin Jarveoja sealed their maiden World Rally Championship (WRC) title after finishing second at RallyRACC Catalunya -- Rally de Espana on Sunday afternoon.

Management of the XXI century hospital

25.10.2019, 12:33

Healthcare is one of the most exciting and innovative industries of the XXI century, and hospitals are the most complex and sophisticated organizations ever developed. 

Electric vehicle grant not to cover Tesla

25.10.2019, 10:39

Estonia’s new electric vehicles support scheme is shaping up in a way that would leave the €5,000 grant beyond the reach of people looking to buy a Tesla.

Aeg not to suggest Perling for prosecutor general

24.10.2019, 10:18

Minister of Justice Raivo Aeg will not nominate Prosecutor General Lavly Perling for another term. “We must admit today that there is no consensus in the government.

Kingo resigns in wake of lies

24.10.2019, 10:15

There are some sins politicians are not forgiven for, and lying is one of them, Minister of Finance Martin Helme said, speaking in front of the Riigikogu yesterday. Helme was referring to his fellow Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) member Minister of...

Office of Prosecutor General sends ski coach Mati Alaver’s criminal case to court

23.10.2019, 11:16

The Office of the Prosecutor General has sent to the Harju County Court a compromise procedure in a criminal case in which cross-country skiing coach Mati Alaver, aged 65, is accused of inducing athletes to use doping.